We are unaware of the dream


Most of us are dreaming. We are unaware that we are dreaming a world body mind that seems so real to us..
The human experience takes place at various levels of dream or wakefulness. The more glimpses we have, the thinner the dream becomes. We then experience increasing transparency and the clarity of the light of being.
Deep in the dream, we conceptualize ourselves as an identity, as a body mind. We conceptualize consciousness as the I-thought and me-feeling. Therefore we experience a contracted state and longing for the return to the natural freedom of the Self.
The exploration of the unhappy identified state leads us beyond the conceptual and into the actual. The contemplation of our experience will reveal that there is no evidence to support the concept of a separate consciousness.
Then there is the possibility for consciousness to recognize itself directly without the conceptual self identification.
There is freshness and freedom in this discovery. We are liberated from the sense of separation and the burden of becoming and avoiding.
From then on, it is an ever deepening journey of contemplation and celebration.

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Bill Reinecke
Is it the dreaming that explains the phenomenon of what I call serendipity or coincidence? When I get a massage or make banana pancakes or meet my accountant it shows up that night on my favorite episode of Friends, without fail. Or are they watching me?
Magdi Badawy
In your case, they are watching you bill… But not to worry… I am watching them… Haha
 Serendipity refers to the seamless nature of reality… It is not sequential like thought is…
In a way, serendipity is a sort of evidence that consciousness is not sequential and is not in time or space… A sort of evidence that consciousness is all knowing.

Bill Reinecke
Francis talks about this if I recall but I wanted your slant. (Just in case he’s with them.)

Magdi Badawy
He is one of them… Beware. He’s got your number, but we have his folder in our bureau… Haha…
Serendipity is a revelation from consciousness… one of the many ways by which consciousness reveals to us that it is all knowing and not subject to (linear) thought, not subject to the concepts of time and space.
It reveals to us its magic…. (In this case, magic being defined as mesmerizing the mind).

Separation is conceptualized and not real.
The first concept conceptualizes consciousness (Which is not a concept) as the I-thought (also known as me, the person, the body mind).
Via the experience of serendipity, ESP, past life recollections, etc, Consciousness (the reality and not the concept) debunks separation (separate consciousnesses) in its interest to awaken us from ignorance.

Bill Reinecke
Oh wow. That resonates. But are you anthropomorphizing Consciousness? Does consciousness have an interest?

Magdi Badawy
I am anthropomorphizing consciousness only to communicate my meaning.
Consciousness is not anthropomorphic and non phenomenal.
When we contemplate consciousness (since I am consciousness), without relying on the past (meaning without relying on thought), we do not find any phenomenal qualities to consciousness.
We only find noumenal qualities that defy language but that can be alluded to via language with words such as love, beauty, peace, freedom, clarity…. qualities that are absolute

Bill Reinecke
What interest does consciousness have?

Magdi Badawy
One could say that consciousness has the interest of being known (not intellectually as a concept or construct).
It does so via the human experience.

Magdi Badawy
That is why the Greeks had the following inscription at the Pantheon: Know Thyself
Gnōthi Seauton

Bill Reinecke
But it’s not necessarily kind then as truth, beauty, love imply. War and suffering are manifested.

Magdi Badawy
Knowing consciousness as a concept (The me-concept) plunges you in the infinite names and forms.
The impression of separation (war and suffering) is a mind impression and not consciousness. Not truth.
Me vs you is a mind impression.
American vs Korean is mind and it is false

Bill Reinecke
But consciousness does not stand in the way of ignorance. Ignorance is a manifestation of consciousness, no? A bloody stump is not different than a rose.

Magdi Badawy
Consciousness does not perceive ignorance.
Wholeness does not perceive parts.
A bloody stump and a rose are mind impressions.
The bloody stump expresses the manifestation of ignorance and the rose expresses the manifestation of beauty.
When we try to grab the rose and possess it, then the rose turns into a bloody stump… Please don’t try it 

Magdi Badawy
Love has no opposite. It is absolute.
The concept love is not love. The concept love has an opposite, which we refer to as hate.
Consciousness is absolute and has no opposite.
The concept consciousness is not consciousness. The concept consciousness (the body mind identity) has an opposite which is referred to as death (end of consciousness).

Bill Reinecke
Are you saying or would you agree the perception of pain is not painful?

Magdi Badawy
The perception of pain is not painful.
Perception is non phenomenal.
The screen does not bleed when (in the movie) the indian shoots an arrow into the cowboys butt… Haha

Bill Reinecke
Yeah, I finally get somethin’ right.

Magdi Badawy 
You are on the right side… Always have been…

Bill Reinecke But it does bleed when the cowboys shoot the Indians because of all the liberals in Hollywood

Magdi Badawy
Haha… Absolutely… Bleeding pertains to the body mind…
Not to reality
Not to That that I am
Not to consciousness.
The ‘spiritual’ journey can be summed up as:
Know Thy True Self

Bill Reinecke
Thanks Magdi. I appreciate your time and friendship as always.

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