There is no higher contemplation than the contemplation of truth, the contemplation of the reality and universality of consciousness.

Our contemplation and love of truth removes the sense of lack and separation and reveals the eternity and infinity of consciousness.

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Online meditative contemplations of non duality: Magdi Shares non duality teaching online and in person. You can join the weekly online meditations by checking his Meetup schedule by clicking on the Meetup icon below. The usual schedule is every Thursday & Sunday at 5:00PM EST To join the online meetings use the following Zoom link : The Zoom link is: Password 444888 Magdi shares his non-dual understanding with friends who are interested in the exploration and contemplation of truth. After an initial liberating glimpse, Magdi became a student of Zen and many years later came upon the non-dual teachings of Francis Lucille.

Non Duality: Meditative contemplations with Magdi

Temecula, CA
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These meetings consists of various meditations and contemplations into the reality and universality of consciousness and inquiries into the belief and feeling of separation.

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