Is experience all there is?

Friend: Is experience all there is? What is an experience that is a non experience?
Reply: All there is is consciousness and it cannot be spoken of since it is what speaks and yet it does not speak. Experience refers to manifestation and mentation which is downstream of consciousness as your night dreams are downstream of your very Being.
As of consciousness, one could say it speaks without speaking or it does not speak as it is speaking.
Which brings us to your second question ‘What is the experience that is a non experience?’ which refers to an experience that is void of the arising of the experiencer and thus void of experience.
Such experience which is a non experience is the result of the death of the mind which is necessary for the revelation of our inherent reality as the universal Self.
Friend: Are you saying that the mind must die before I can understand?
Reply: Yes. From the perspective of a jiva, you cannot understand Brahman.

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