About Magdi

MagdiAt a young age, consciousness knocked at Magdi’s door and, as he says in his own words: “Consciousness revealed that I am not what I thought I was. In a flash, I realized that the person I believed and felt myself to be is a figment of the universe’s infinite imagination. I instantaneously realized the infinity and eternity of consciousness. A deep stillness and joy revealed itself”.

Over the years, further similar non-events followed and led to years of Zen meditation and inquiry. First at the Sharon Springs Zen Center with Richard Clarke, then at the Rochester Zen Center with Philip Kapleau and finally with Toni Packer at the Springwater Center for Meditative Inquiry.
This exploration continued as Magdi remained engaged in family life and work.

It is when he met the Advaita teacher, Francis Lucille, that questioning came to an end. Magdi says of Francis, who he considers to be both his sat guru and friend: “I bow to my teacher and friend Francis Lucille who patiently answered all my questions. Words fail to express my immeasurable and eternal gratitude. ”

Magdi also acknowledges the influence of the profound teachings of Rupert Spira to whom he is deeply grateful.

Magdi meets weekly with friends, “truth lovers”, to share, explore and answer questions.
He is available to share his experience and teaching of non-duality.