How come the Self separates itself?


Friend: How come I imagine myself to be other than what I am, other than the Self? How come I imagine myself to be so separate? You speak over and over that we are wholeness and yet, we all experience being separate. Can you explain and help me solve this conundrum?

Reply: It is your freedom and infinite potential to create and conceptualize. The I-seed of conceptualization is planted within you. It arises since the ground is fertile, you assume the I-thought and the I-dentity as a separate form, a dream form.
The multiplicity of forms arises from the initial I-seed-form.
You dream yourself as form, as a concept, but all along, you remain as you are. You feel and believe something has happened, something is happening while nothing is happening.
You forget your knowingness in order to perceive the multiplicity. Upon your lost interest in the forms and names, you return to your recollection and realize your innate wholeness.
The multiplicity of form is imagined. It is mentation and like a dream, it completely dissolves upon your awakening from the dream.
At the core of all mind impressions is the stillness, the void emptiness of all forms.
Thoughts take you on a long and far journey and at some point they return to their source and reveal their emptiness.
The Self never goes anywhere. Where would it go since it is beyond concept?
Friend: Thank you. I understand the teaching and yet I feel trapped as if my life is a routine, spinning the same thing over and over without being able to escape.

Reply: You dream this spin as soon as you leave yourself. You are perceiving through the concept and you have defined yourself as a form in order to experience the world body mind.
It is not your life that is a routine. Rather it is you that is a routine: ‘I am the body mind’ is the routine that spins you. It is this limited identification that is repetitive. It suffocates you and spins you around the same belief.
Upon awakening from the dream, the repetitive images cease and you find yourself awake as you have ever been.
Friend: I cannot wait to awaken!

Reply: Look behind the mirror. The images in the mirror lure you and distract you. Ask yourself: What am I truly? but do not address this question to your concept or your past. Ask it to the Self.
The real one who is asking and the real one who is being asked are one and the same. None of which has ever been anything else but the Self.

David Humes
It’s the trying to see what registers true for you that will make you feel at home in your present moments
Magdi Badawy
Sometimes we are under the influence of the past, under the influence of our thoughts and repetitive patterns and we are unable to differentiates between happiness and pleasure, between peace and feelings.
A willingness to be still and to invite and recognize our innate causeless peace may help.
In time, we develop an inner sensitivity, an inner discernment and the inner path becomes clearer.
The path is the path of inner peace and happiness that goes deeper than the daily events and daily thoughts that arise to us.

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