Question: How can sex be experienced without attachment

Dear Magdi,
I Came across this quote from Nisargadatta: “Sex is an acquired habit. Go beyond. As long as your focus is on the body, you will remain in the clutches of food and sex, fear and death. Find yourself and be free.”
This is true, yet sexual relations are a necessary precursor for birth in human form. Being human provides opportunities for aware presence not found in other forms of existence. Since you have personal experience as a householder & with aware presence, would you please comment on the following question. How can sex be experienced without attachment to the body/mind and in alignment with aware presence so that we remain spacious & free?
Thank you,


Dear Friend:
For truth lovers, sex is a means of celebration and expression of our inherent divine oneness. In ignorance, sex is a form of escape from the suffering caused by the belief in separation.
In ignorance, the world body mind are believed to be real. From that vantage point, the impression is that of a separate self perceiving an external world. Sex becomes a condition for our happiness rather than a celebration of our happiness.

In wisdom and love of truth, there is a return home. The world body mind are perceived as mind events and the reality of universal consciousness is revealed. In wisdom, the world body mind are a celebration of the infinite potential of consciousness.

With your partner, use every means possible, including sexual intimacy to explore the truth and to celebrate the divine. Explore in your complete freedom and allow your partner complete freedom in this shared love.

Much love to you.

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