Should we only be aware of the thoughts feelings sensations without getting identifying with them?

Sevgi: Should we only be aware of the thoughts feelings sensations without getting identifying with them?should we witness them as a detached observer?

Magdi: Yes Sevgi
Notice the aware presence, the openness out of which and in which everything appears. Notice that this openness and whatever appears are at zero distance. They are not two.
Notice that the appearances come and go while you don’t.
What is real does not come and go and does not appear nor disappear. You are this borderless presence. Non local and unlimited.

Sevgi: So should I allow all the appearances should I allow them come and go?cos I often afraid of let them come and go….I afraid of appearances…shouldn’t I? Allowing them is acceptance?should I accept them also dear Magdi?

Magdi: Appearances appear whether you allow them or not.
Simply contemplate that nothing truly hurts you… You as consciousness… You as presence.
Fear is the result of a mistaken identity.
Believing that you are a woman, a man, a mortal body mind, results in great fear and concern.
It is important you realize that such beliefs and feelings of being a person are not based on truth. The truth is the reality of awareness, consciousness, presence. You are the open aware space that is not touched by appearances. Like the wide open sky is not touched by the clouds. Like the dreamer is not touched by the dreams, even when you are dreaming of lions and tigers. Consciousness is effortless and selfless acceptance. It is Yesness all around.


Sevgi: I often feeling anxious and have so much fear as you said because of identifying with body mind… should I disidentfy with this body mind phenomenon ? But it seems like an effort to me trying to disidentfy……for ex when a fearful thought or an anxious feeling comes what should I do?should I just observe and let it pass….but sometimes it doesn’t pass due to observation and it feels like its getting worse what do u suggest Magdi?


Magdi: A fearful thought and feeling are fearful only as you stay away from them. But when you come closer and closer, they dissolve in your presence. They are made out of dreams. The dream is unhappy when you try to protect yourself. But when you are willing to let the fear take you, it dissolves.
Take courage and die into the fear. Experiment. Conduct new experiments. Do not repeat the old patterns that protect you. There is nothing to protect. You are already consciousness that is eternal and universal.
Open up. Fear feeds on the belief that you are a mortal body mind. Contemplate this lie. It is an inherited virus. There is no evidence that you are a body mind. Body mind appear to you as sensations and perceptions. As thoughts. YOU do not appear. The true you is awareness. Presence.
Like the mirror and the images. The mirror is not affected by the images that appear.

Sevgi: How could I let the fear take me how could I come closer by fully feeling them or by just watching?

Magdi: Notice that psychological fear has two components: The thought that I am a man/woman and that I am in danger: That is a thought. A psychological thought that is appearing to you. Like an image in a mirror. The bodily sensation in your belly or your throat or chest… The bodily sensation appears to you as an image appears in a mirror. YOU, the witness of thoughts and sensations is NOT harmed. Consciousness is not worldly.

Sevgi: But what I witness is bundle of negative fearful anxious scary thoughts and feelings all the time….how can I turn them positive or neutral…..why the negativity is the only happening thing I wish I witness joy peace love and happiness but I don’t…..only witnessing negativity… takes me no where…….and my obsession is in order to be surrendered I think I have to allow all kinds of appearances I have to let them in but it tires me I can’t handle it….I try acceptance but when I begin to accept so many nonsense stuff occurs and my mind telling me it should be there if it’s there there must be a reason and I feel a different power overwhelms me…I am lost and I feel scared again….what should I do?should I allow everything happen?

Magdi: I have already shared with you enough for you to contemplate.

I never talk about turning negative emotions into positive ones.That occurs effortlessly when you contemplate your true nature.

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