Our true nature is peace

Friend: Thank you very much for your writtings which gives inner calmness. May i know where are you from?

Magdi: Our true nature is peace.

Friend: Agreed. How can we achieve silence or how can we be silent ?

Magdi: When the mind returns to the source, then you know your true Self, silence. You realize that you have always been the silence even while imagining otherwise. Your experience becomes truth, peace, happiness and complete freedom. You achieve silence by realizing that you are silence and not a body mind. The silence that is achieved is also lost. So, in fact you do not achieve silence. You just realize that you are silence.

Friend: How do I do that?

Magdi: Inquire into the belief that you are a man, a mortal body mind. Inquire deeply into this belief.
Winter Branches by Sasa Gyoker
Friend: This is a great path but I get confused between two thoughts.

Magdi: What two thoughts?

Friend: The first thought is that we don’t need anything to believe. The way life is heading is wonderful. The second thought is that I have to inquire.

Magdi: Belief is shallow. It is because of belief that inquiry is needed. Without beliefs, all is simple.

Friend: I agree sir belief is nothing.

Magdi: It is wonderful to realize the Self.

Friend: How ?

Magdi: Inquire into your beliefs, mainly the belief that you are a mortal body mind. Inquire until you arrive to the Self.

Friend: Well i think i do not have any belief now. My mind is always in search of something. I think mind will always be in search of something to do.

Magdi: Who is it that does not have a belief? How can there be no-belief and yet a search for something. What is it that is searching?



Photo by Sasa Gyoker

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