Question from a friend: I am confused

Question from a friend: I have this new job and they are expecting a lot from me. I was hired as a marketer to get referral business for them. And I am confused about this self inquiry while I am trying to be a marketer. If you would be so kind and give me suggestions on how I can use my mind working as a marketer. I fear that if I don’t meet their expectation they will let me go and then I will have no job.
Please help.
Reply: The best self inquiry while you are doing your job is to do it without adding the belief that you are a mortal body mind, without adding the me-sense, without maintaining and believing the I-am a person-thought.
Whenever you believe you are a person in time and space, you feel limited and concerned about yourself as a person.
Whenever the thought or the feeling that I am a person arises, unhappiness is on board.
As much as possible and whenever possible, reverse this trend by remembering that you are awareness, not a limited person, but the borderless presence of awareness.
Do your best at the job by being present to its demands and following your intelligence. Do not worry about the expectations of your boss. Usually the boss has higher expectations than is possible. That is how the game is played. Simply do your best and do not worry about tomorrow.
Be sincere, honest and do not feed the fear. Fear interferes with your ability to be fully present and clutters the mind.
Friend: Okay I will try not to have fear as I want love and truth. But sometimes I feel like I need to be controlling things and that’s where I think I get fear.
I fear that if I let go then I will have nothing.
Reply: Do not believe that.
When you let go, you are letting go of the fear. You are letting go of the thought: ‘What is going to happen to me? What will happen to me if….”
These are unhappy thoughts, right?
You are letting go of unhappiness. Cease believing unhappy thoughts and simply do your best at the job without concern of the consequences.
Leave the rest to God.
Friend: Okay thanks Magdi

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