A conversation with a friend.
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Friend: I know that I am present always, perceiving the world through this window. But this knowledge is just a concept for me.
It is not my real experience.
How can I realize my true nature, which I am already?

Reply: The revelation of true nature simply requires your ardent love and interest.
If your interest is shallow, the revelation of the Self is shallow.
It is not enough to love the Self.
You must live your love, live according to your love for truth and live according to the Dharma. It is not enough to pay lip service to the teachings.
The Dharma is not revealed to part timers.
When you meet a person that you fall in love with, you think about this person all day and night. You travel long distances to be near your loved one.
All is the Self. The Self is already realized. But this understanding can only be your living truth if you live according to your love for truth. Your love for truth must be strong.
Friend: The one which says: “I am” or “I exists”. This feeling of existence is the self. Is it due to conditioning that I am just mixing my body and mind with the Self, is it so?
Reply: The Self is not a feeling.
It is limitless presence, the reality of borderless aware presence. Feelings come and go and are conditioned.
When you confuse the Self with mind, you are in ignorance.
Yes, it is the mind that is conditioned to attribute reality to the world body mind.
The mind is ignorant of the reality of the Self. That is why it needs to be turned around to the source. The source is the reality.
Friend: This knowing aspect is only available in the waking and dreaming states. In deep sleep, Ii feel switched off. As if I don’t know anything. What is happening to the knowing of the Self in deep sleep?
Reply: The knowing of the Self is not in any state.
It is independent of the three states.
The states are known by the Self
But the Self is not known in any state.
The body mind may be switched off. But the Self is not.
The mind cannot know the Self.
It is the Self that knows mind.
Nothing happens to the knowingness of the Self in deep sleep. The mind is simply still. It is the Self that knows that the mind is still. The Self is eternal and beyond all states.
Friend: And I am that self. So the key to eternity is this presence aspect every one got access to.
And when one “BE” in that presence ,or giving more attention to it, as you said when the love for it increases..it will reveal itself,is it so?
Reply: Yes, the Self is ‘I’, Impersonal Presence.
Presence is eternity and infinity and no-one has access to it. The dream character has no access to the reality of the dreamer.
Presence, reality has access to everyone… but no one has access to it.
The mind cannot access Reality. Reality accesses all minds out of itself.
Your ardent love for truth will lead you to the destination. Live according to your love for truth and not for the world body mind.

Friend: There you go! and that presence is me
Reply: There is no real me.
Maybe you mean Presence is the Self. Sat-Chit
Friend: Yes, I am getting where you pointing to.
What exists is Sat, and there is nothing apart from Sat
Reply: Sat- Existence (I AM)
Chit- Awareness (knowingness)
Ananada… Knowing the Self. Knowing myself.
Knowing Truth: I AM Awareness, universal Awareness. The One and only reality. The reality of all mind events, independent of all mind events.
Friend: Got that. Thank you.

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