Losing the bliss

Question: “Why would God create a mind that can be manipulated and controlled to trap and corrupt our God created spirit? I had an experience of complete and total bliss…I saw gold glitter, my head felt like electrical circuitry going crazy, and my arms started to go numb, and I started to get scared. The next few weeks were amazing and blissful (state of being). Then as I was on the phone and began arguing with my sister…my head started feeling painful as if whatever opened started to close. I was devastated. I too ask why that one instance took away everything I worked so very hard to finally achieve spiritually.”
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Reply: The initial revelation of the Self, the initial glimpse into the eternity and magnificence of consciousness is a gift from God, a free invitation of sort.
It is like being invited for the first time to a concert that you greatly enjoy and you fall in love with the music and the art. Yet, the concert ends after some time.
After the concert you go home and you start exploring music since the concert has inspired you. You may listen to various inspiring tunes, or may join a music lover group, or take some classes in music appreciation, etc.
In your exploration and study of music, you may find yourself falling in love with music and this love expands beyond all borders.

Love for truth is its own celebration, the celebration of the wholeness that we are, the celebration of the indivisible seamless reality of consciousness that we are.
It’s a joyful celebration.

Use the hint that was given to you to contemplate the glory of the Self.

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