Question from a friend:
I am sensing this present-moment awareness more and more as I contemplate regularly and sit in silence watching thoughts appear and disappear.
However, in my work setting, I find that my body is very contracted most of the day and that I am identified with mind and body. Sometimes I notice these experiences in the moment and other times I don’t notice them until later in the day when I feel tense and heavy.
Are there ways to not be so identified with mind and body while interacting with others, such as at work?
Also, I feel like I chose my job for ego-driven reasons many years ago and now that my passion for the truth is most important in life, I am losing a sense of drive and purpose at work. Is this a normal part of the process?
Thank you!
Dear friend,
Do not simply sit in silence watching thoughts appear and disappear. Turn your attention to the awareness/consciousness that perceives and notice that the reality of the perception resides as awareness and not as what is perceived. Also contemplate that the aware presence is you and is not affected by what arises. Like the wide open sky is not affected by the clouds.
It does not matter if thoughts arise or not. What matters is to know yourself as the aware presence, as the consciousness that is untouched by all appearances.

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Contemplate that you are this aware presence and that this aware presence has no borders, no beginning, no end. Undefined.
Notice that awareness is formless and yet the reality of all form impressions.
Know yourself as that borderless, impersonal presence and do not trouble yourself with attempting to fix the body mind.
In time the body/mind will relax in your knowingness of your true Self and will cease to trouble you.
Identify yourself with the consciousness that knows the body/mind and not with any body mind event.
In interacting with others do you best to perceive them as your very self, as the same consciousness that perceives these words.
It is in perceiving a separate other that the separate me, the separate self is maintained. There is no separate other.
Rather than your thoughts or feelings, it is your love for truth that will show you the way in your career, in your work and will guide you towards a path that is harmonious. Follow the path of happiness without identification. Allow yourself to be guided by love, beauty, peace, harmony and the general welfare.
Take courage and trust the path of light and truth and not the personal tendencies.
Much Love,

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