Noticing awareness

Friend: Hi Magdi,
Some time ago you gave me the advice to just notice awareness, as I have a tendency to overcomplicate things a little bit in searching for That.
Is noticing awareness the same as “staying in the I am” or am I doing it again now (complicating that is)?
Thank you and kind regards

Beautiful Rose

Reply: Hello, “noticing awareness” and “staying in the I am” are the same, as long as the ‘I am’ is not a personal ‘I am’, not the me identity.
The awareness that I refer to is not personal. It is different from ‘I am aware of this tree’.
Impersonal awareness is not dual. It has no separate observer in it. It is awareness itself that is doing the observing, so to speak.
Impersonal awareness and the tree are one.

Friend: Thanks Magdi, just returning to That, again and again, right?

Reply: Yes. Over and over. In this very moment, notice the impersonal openness in which all appearances arise.
You do not choose the weather. You do not chose your thoughts (thus the decisions and actions that follow from your thoughts).
Remain open like the sky. The sky does not get concerned about the clouds. It remains open as the sky.

Friend: It fills me with joy thanks!

Reply: Yes. Follow the path that fills your heart with joy. The joyful path!

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