Do not be focused on future results

Friend: Hello Magdi, I am still trying to notice awareness/staying as I am. But when will I continually be in that state. Without effort I mean.

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Reply: When your love for the path is absolute. But when your love for a state overcomes your love for the path, you remain in the effecting since you pursue a state.
Maintain your love for the screen and not for any life event or any state that appears on the screen. Do not be focused on future results since that creates the illusion of time.
Rest in Presence. Contemplation is not efforting, it is resting.
A recognition of the borderless Presence that IS. The aware presence that you are, that reads these words… effortlessly.

Friend: Thanks Magdi, by resting you mean just keeping the attention there?

Reply: Yes. Notice the already IS Presence, the openness, the space, the awareness…. the screen.
Images arise and appear out of presence and in presence.
Like steam arises out of water and in water, so to speak. Presence is the elephant in the room that we turn our attention away from by focusing on world events and wildly phenomena.
Whenever you revert to being a person, the one efforting, remember that you are not the person, that you are not the image on the screen and that you are the aware presence to which all images appear.
The body mind appears as thought, bodily sensations and perceptions. (Thought/sensations/perceptions) appears to YOU.
YOU = Aware Presence

Friend: Thanks much clearer

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