Happiness tomorrow anyone?

There is this habit of doing things in order to be happy later, sometimes in the future. Do you think this works?
Maintaining the pursuit of happiness tomorrow maintains the me in time and space. Unhappiness now with a promise of happiness tomorrow does not work, does it?
The unhappy dream comes to an end whenever you settle into the presence that does not have a you or a me, that is not in time and space. Magdi

Aranachula Sunrise

Friend 1: How do you ‘settle into you’ when you can never not be you?

Friend 2 (in response of Friend 1): By knowingly being you! It is not about intellectual understanding, it is by realizing who you truly are. After that the process of cleaning up continues but it is directed by the Self and not by the me.

Reply: Settling into presence is the effortless revelation of the reality, eternity and universality of consciousness.
Divine grace gifts itself to truth lovers that are passionate about truth and are no longer postponing their passion.

Friend 3: No one will realize the real depth and extent of their identification with the body-mind UNTIL they are put in a situation where they will potentially find out! Until then it is imaginary.

Reply: The fading of identification is not a discrete event. It is not a do or die thing.
There are many confirmations of the dissolution of the identification, most of which might not even be noticed except in hindsight, after the fact.
In particular, it takes a while for the identifications at the feeling level to fade away.
It is a deepening exploration that eventually takes over and becomes effortless.

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