Friend: I have a question. Is it a good idea to keep on learning more concept about the truth, self inquiry, freewill, ego?

Friend: I have a question. Is it a good idea to keep on learning more concept about the truth, self inquiry, freewill, ego?..

I found myself thinking more about these things than actually doing the practice itself..
I found myself also thinking about business and reading more, yet I’m not doing something of value, just reading and thinking. I decided that I need to DO, and stop thinking

Reply: Reading and thinking about Truth is of value. Remembering God is a gift from Grace. Whatever reminds you of the Self, whatever brings you to contemplate the reality of your experience serves to your awakening and liberation from ignorance. Thinking about God/Truth is a good usage of thought. You are concerned about doing. Ask yourself: Who is the doer?
As of thinking about business, the body mind is wired to think about its survival (food, shelter and clothing). But it is important that you notice the emotions and not give in to them. Emotions, such as fear, worry, regret, etc are the result of believing yourself to be in danger. They are due to your identification with the body mind.
Contemplate that you are the Self and nothing is ever happening to you. The infinite wide open sky is not affected by the weather.


Friend: Yes, and to get results, which is better than to keep on thinking or stop thinking altogether and just Do. Silence the mind…Meditate

Reply: As long as your doing is without a doer, then the doing is not coming from ignorance. Contemplate that the personal doer is a belief and a feeling structure.
If you meditate to serve the me, your meditation is not true meditation
Meditation is inquiry into: what am I truly? If your meditation serves the person, then it is not true mediation, it is not true contemplation since you have already reached a conclusion that you are a person.

Friend: Yes This subject about ‘the non doer’ perplexes me. Because I know that I’m not the doer, yet there is a feeling of doing. There should be no thoughts when doing the Inquiry..Or at least not entertain any thoughts at all?
Even the spiritual thoughts. Is it not so?

Reply: As long as the doer is not a limited person, is not a limited body mind, then it is the correct doer. The virus is believing the me-thought. The impression that the doer is a personal doer must be examined.
The thought that says: I am this person. I am a male. I am American, when such thoughts are not examined, they are taken to be real. Then the impression of personal doership and the negative emotions such as guilt, fear, failure, regret cannot be avoided.
Do not entertain thoughts about me-in-time. Contemplate the aware presence to which and out of which all thoughts appear.


Friend: Yes, I am a separate person is the virus. A person with a body, a nationality, a biography, desires.. I’m that to which this person appears

Reply: Yes, you are the formless presence to which body mind impressions appears. Appearances do not define you. Like in your night dream, your night dreams do not define you. Nothing defines the real you.

Friend: Yes. The issue here, is that I understand this on some level. But There is no realiztion of this. not feeling that It’s 100% true. I know also that I am not the doer, yet I still don’t recognized it fully.

Reply: As you contemplation matures, the remaining me-thoughts and me-sensations dissolve. Do not engage with them. Remain alert but do not get your hands dirty in regretting the past or managing a future.

Friend: I understand

Reply: Simply do not buy into the old belief system that says you are a mortal body mind. Recognize over and over that you are the aware presence. The Formless reality of all phenomenon events.

Friend: Yeah, I will not feed it. Stopping believing that it’s true over and over. Until one day It will no longer have power.

Reply: Ignorance has no power. It is a choice. It is the choice of consciousness that you are. Now the choice to cease following old beliefs is available to you. You, meaning consciousness. Take the correct fork in the road.
Whenever you are contemplating the Self, you are the Self. The Sadhana is your ‘practice’: Remember over and over: I am the formless aware presence and not an event in time and space.

Friend: Yes I will practice forever until the truth reveals itself.

Reply: You are the one and only reality.
Infinite borderless reality. Universal truth.
Not a limited body mind

Friend: Yes. Thank you.

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