The Infinite cannot know the finite


Friend: A teacher has stated that the infinite cannot know the finite.
I have tried to understand that but I still get confused by that statement. How could the infinite not know the finite? After all consciousness knows trees and thoughts. They are finite.

Reply: it is best to ask the teacher who spoke that for an explanation.
But since you are asking me I will give you a reply but it is not at all addressed to that teachers teaching. Every teacher has his or her way of expression and the question should be clarified by them.
Think about it. The infinite cannot be both infinite and finite. The wide infinite sky cannot be both the wide infinite sky and a chair or a thought. You cannot have a dual reality. The reality of consciousness (the infinite) and the reality of the chair (the finite). Reality is one.

The question that remains is what is the reality of a chair or thought? What is a finite reality or what is the reality of a finite form?
We know the reality of the wide infinite sky is itself. The reality of consciousness is consciousness. We know consciousness is real although it is not perceived as a phenomenal form. We know ‘I am’, meaning presence, is real although it is not perceived as a phenomenal form.

The question that remains is what is the reality of what appears, the reality of what is finite? Does that refer to a finite reality?

Friend: yes, what is the reality of what is finite? What is the reality of the chair that I see right now?

Reply: Is it not your knowingness? Is it not awareness? Awareness is not finite.
Chair is a label. When you say chair, you are naming, labeling your experience. The label, the name is not the thing. But before the naming, before the label is the thing. The question is what is the chair before it is called a chair, before the mind labels it?

Friend: it must be pure experience without a name.

Reply: Yes, but this pure experience is not phenomenal. It precedes the concept that turns it into an object.
In your experience what is it that is real and non-phenomenal? Is it not consciousness/awareness?

Friend: I see where you’re going. So my experience is non phenomenal, not actually finite.

Reply: your true experience is even before your experience. It is a non- experience that is turned into an experience via thought. Truth is silent presence, before mind. What we refer to as finite is the conceptual realm.
What matters is that you know yourself as the one reality, universal infinite and eternal. There is no separate self in fact. The separate self is an impression that dissolves in your awakening.

Friend: I understand. But I still experience the finite. I still experience the chair and thoughts.

Reply: And in what way does this disturb you?

Friend: I don’t experience the infinite. It seems I only experienced the finite.

Reply: when you are looking to experience the infinite consciousness as a perception or as a conception, you are imposing onto consciousness your own finite conceptions. That is projection.
Consciousness is not a phenomenal experience. It is the reality, infinite, invisible yet absolute. One could say it is the reality of everything but this does not imply that there are external things outside of consciousness nor any things within consciousness.

Friend: Thanks. I will ponder this. 🙏🏻

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