How do I reconnect?


Dear Magdi, I have another question for you. When I went through a very difficult time, personally and professionally (a huge personal inquiry) I took distance and felt resentment and judgmental of almost everyone. Now I miss all the people who I had close and I want to go back in this new sense of being to share and connect again and love and accept. I probably needed it at the time but in some ways I didn’t act the best.
My question to you is: how do I reach out or try to reconnect? Some are in other countries. Whether to call, apologize, be sincere, etc etc. And just say I miss you but I am also afraid of their response.

Reply: We are never separate. It is thought that says: I am separate, where are my friends?’ When we are contemplating our true nature, we realize our innate connection at the heart level and new friends appear.
On the other hand, given your desire to reconnect with old friends, can we let go of the past and extend a new fresh invitation?
An invitation that is free from the past. Is it possible to be fresh this moment? To be like a spring, each drop of water arising freshly from the spring.
Also, if there is a need to apologize, we can do so. A brief but sincere apology for past hurts that we may have inadvertently been part of.

Everyone is entitled to go on their own path even when it takes them away from old friends. Life brings you together and life takes you apart. It is an impersonal play. Often your journey together has served its purpose. The mind may never comprehend that or may comprehend later on.
When you extend your new invitation, can you do so free from expectation? Allowing your old friends the freedom that is inherent to the Self.
It is their freedom to respond or not.

Can we remain free? Free from the response? Fresh each moment. Not knowing and free from expectation.
If the response is positive, perfect. If the response is negative, also perfect.
It is important that your happiness does not depend on anyone and on anything.

Do not compromise your happiness for anything. Celebrate your innate freedom and happiness without getting caught in the veils of time.
Each moment a fresh moment of not-knowing.

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