Magdi. I would like to know what is your understanding of forgiveness. My understanding is that nothing happened, there is nothing to forgive, as the ‘separation’ from God/Love was ‘corrected’ in the same instant that it was ‘thought of’. Yet the practice of forgiving is seen as necessary in order to undo the blocks to the awareness of Love’s Presence.

Dear friend,
Indeed, nothing happened is a profound understanding.
There is no one to forgive since there is only God, only one reality. There is no other. There is no separate self. The belief in separation is the root cause of suffering and unhappiness.

In our conditioned dream, there is the impression that I am a separate self, a mortal body mind. We also perceive separate others. Therefore we perceive people who offend us and we perceive (and feel) that there is a me (a person) that gets offended. It all seems so real. The offender, the offended as well as the offense.
How real is it? How deeply have we pondered this mind impression?

When we deeply look for the me, we don’t find it. We find thoughts, perceptions and sensations. No separate self.

Due to separation, we believe in personal free will. We believe that there is a separate other that has free will and that they are using their free negligently. We feel that they are offending us while they have a choice to act otherwise.
The question is whose free will? Is free will real?

When you contemplate your experience, you will come to understand that you are the perceiver of thought. It is as if thoughts are a cosmic download. We do not choose them and therefore our actions are not our choice as well.
We are all innocent.

On the other hand, via grace when we start contemplating truth, contemplating God’s reality, we realize that there is one choice: To say yes to God or to continue to resist and argue. This is our first choice: To choose God or to remain in ignorance and personal identification.

In terms of forgiveness, as part of our ‘work’, it is important to perceive the other as your very self and to understand that we are deeply similar: we are this one seamless consciousness/awareness.
We have forgotten our wholeness and are living the unhappy dream of separation and isolation. The unhappy dream that is full of self blame and blaming others.

Forgiveness is immediate once we contemplate that we are one and that God is one and the impression of separation is illusion and not the real deal.
Do your best to live according to the model of ‘Wholeness’, ‘Oneness’.

Forgiveness is not for A to forgive B. It is realizing that A is B as One Self, One universal consciousness.

As best as possible, live according to the new model: A is B
The other is my very self. One universal consciousness. Universal I AM

We keep forgetting that. Hopefully we can re-member our wholeness, the wholeness of universal consciousness and realize the inherent peace of the Self.

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