Question: If consciousness is all knowing why does it need to manifest?

Question: If consciousness is all knowing why does it need to manifest?

Reply: for your awakening.

Friend: What do you mean?

Reply: consciousness appears as a body mind to refer you to itSelf.

Friend: Why would it do that?

Reply: it is the play of consciousness and its freedom to veil itself and awaken to itself. Do your part.

Friend: What is my part?

Reply: To honor the Dharma when you receive it. To contemplate and live the Dharma. This brings an end to the spinning wheel of samsara.

Friend: The whole thing feels like a hoax to me.

Reply: the mind rebelling is part of the play. Do not fall prey to it. Remain steady and single minded in your contemplation.

Friend: Ok. Thank you 🙏🏻

Reply: You are not what appears. You are the transparency of Being. Awaken to your true nature. Beyond causality. Beyond the manifest.

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Robert Fleming · 2 mutual friends

Are you saying that consciousness has a purpose?
Magdi Badawy Yes. The purpose of awakening.
Robert Fleming Is consciousness aware of its purpose?
Magdi Badawy Yes. Consciousness is the only awareness there is.
Consciousness and awareness are synonymous.Aren’t you aware that you love truth?
You are consciousness manifesting as everyone and everything and identifying as Robert (for the time being)
Robert Fleming  Yes – but it took most of a lifetime to begin to become aware my of purpose.
Magdi Badawy  There is no better time than now.
Why worry and why care about the past? Rejoice that you have this opportunity to contemplate the Self and get to it. 🙂
Robert Fleming  Does attributing a purpose to consciousness (whatever consciousness is), and knowledge or awareness of its purpose (i.e. it is known by itself) lead to anthropomorphism?

Magdi Badawy  By consciousness, I do NOT refer to any concept or God. I refer to the reality of your experience, whatever that is.
There is no doubt that there is a reality to your experience. It is not nothing. You perceive and you know you perceive.
What you perceive may be a dream, but there is a reality to perceiving, albeit what is perceived may be a dream.
When you ask yourself, what is my life about, what is my experience about, what is the answer that arises for you?
For me, it is clear that this life is about awakening. It is not about pleasure since it is fleeting. It is not about objects, since they are fleeting.
When I ask myself, what is it that is real? I only find awareness/consciousness.
Do you find anything else?
Robert Fleming  Does consciousness ask itself what is real? Are you sure that it doesn’t find another dimension of infinite consciousness?
Magdi Badawy  The buck has to stop somewhere… If not, the other dimension will find another and on and on…
There is one reality…
If there were 3 realities, what would know that there are 3 realities? One reality would know that…. We return to one reality. Right?
Robert Fleming  If reality is consciousness, and consciousness is infinite . . . but I think you are right. Thanks!
Magdi Badawy  What else can you be absolutely certain of besides consciousness/awareness?

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