What is the relationship between the body and consciousness?

Bill Reinecke What is the relationship between the body and consciousness? Meaning – blasphemy here – MY body. This one’s usually around. Other bodies come and go thru the door.

Magdi Badawy 
‘Your body’ appears to you (and disappears to you, such as in deep sleep). Consciousness on the other hand (not the concept consciousness) neither appears nor disappears.
The body appears as thought, perception and sensation. Consciousness (not the concept) neither appears nor disappears.
While the body is known (perceived), consciousness is self-knowing (apperceived) and is not known.
The body is phenomenal, consciousness is not (referred to as noumenal).
Consciousness is not an object of your knowingness, it is your knowingness.
Is it dependent upon the body being alive?
Magdi Badawy 
Consciousness is non phenomenal and does not depend on the body.
The reality that perceives is not in the realm of mind (imagined forms).
We usually think that the body is alive as if life belonged to the body. Life belongs to itself and is self defined.
It defines the body but the state of the body does not define life.
The body expresses different levels of sentience. In deep sleep, no body, very low level of sentience. In the dream state, sort of foggy body… dream body… so-so sentience. In the waking state, more sentience. In the dead body state, no sentience… This, of course, is the conceptual realm.
Consciousness is a totally different matter… no on/off switch to the formless Self.
So, which is truer: when I die, the whole world dies (sentience) or I who I really am cannot die?
Magdi Badawy 
When the body dies, the sentience of the body dims down to zero (which we refer to as the body dies).
But ‘I’ (Consciousness) does not die as consciousness does not depend on the body and is not born, nor dies.
Ask yourself: According to my experience, have I ever experienced ‘I’ being born?
In other words, according to your experience, have you ever experienced your birth, your beginning?
… interestingly, I have clearly experienced “me” being born. Sort of popping into existence right out of ( or, appearing within) spacious awareness. But that spacious awareness has the quality of “I”, and has never appeared or disappeared, as you indicated.
Within this formless awareness consciousness suddenly appears a seeming delimited me!
That impression of “me” or me-Ness is oddly similar to I Am-Ness. It seems to have a borrowed subjectivity to it. I’m curious about the nature of this faux subjectivity!
Magdi Badawy
Whenever the I-thought arises we ‘experience’ me being born (as that thought/feeling).
It is a crucial moment for the truth lover to discriminate and come to clarity that this me, is simply thought/sensation and has no independent reality.
In the absence of such discrimination, the I-thought takes you onto the Sukha-Dukha (Pleasure-pain) merry go round.
Indeed, spacious awareness is the real ‘I’. Borderless Aware Presence (Sat-Chit) is beyond the birth and death impression.
Yes, the me impression is similar to the borderless universal I AM. One could say the me impression is the I AM locked up in jail 

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