Does non duality belittle silent sitting practices?

Bill Reinecke In the non dual community it seems that only rarely, such as here, that sitting meditation is mentioned. It is even scorned and belittled by some who seem to believe this is a philosopher’s sport. Why is this? Don’t you recommend it? Alternatively, concentration practice as in zen’s breath practice or koan work has no contemplation element yet is effective for some. Why?
  • Magdi Badawy Without belittling silent sitting or other meditative practices, the non dual teaching is post meditation practices.
    It is a direct pointing that relies on higher reasoning and body awareness.
    To scorn or belittle sitting or other practices is narrow minded.
    There is a time for everything. A time for sitting. A time for living in the world and experiencing vasanas and a time for recognition.
    Shikan Taza or koan work has its benefits and many students have traveled that path, moi included as you well know.
    It is my experience that beyond breath work and koan work, lies the non dual revelation.
    I do not recommend any practice. Nor do I discourage it.
    In everything, follow your love 💗
    You do not need anyone to guide you in following the love 💕 that you are.

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