Transcending the separate mind

Dear friend,
One can sit for 20-30 years and not transcend the personal identification. Transcending the separate mind requires a passionate investigation, inquiry into the Self, complete surrender and grace.
You have a glimpse that you are not the body mind. This glimpse is a key glimpse to contemplate: What am I truly? Am I something that is perceived or am I the invisible Self, the formless reality of consciousness?
When you sit, contemplate consciousness, contemplate Truth, contemplate the reality of Being Awareness, the invisible Self. Contemplate the eternal infinite Reality that is transparent and borderless. Contemplate the contemplator without relying on images, without relying on time.

Seek the company of a realized teacher that resonates with your heart and mind.​
​In the meantime, investigate: What is the reality of my experience? and return to the knowledge: ‘I am aware’ and ‘I am aware that I am aware’.
Contemplate this knowingness as being what you truly are: Namely pure universal Awareness.​ Contemplate ‘What am I truly?’, who is sitting? Who is doing Zazen? Contemplate the sitter meditator without relying on thoughts, without relying on the mind.​

Who is seeking advice? What is the observer? What is the seeker? Is there a separate self? Am I the body instrument that I witness or am I the invisible borderless transparent Being Awareness​ that is undeniable?
You cannot deny the reality of Being/Awareness. Contemplate this reality without adorning it with images and without any add ons.

​I hold on line Satsang every week. Do your best to attend and ask your questions if any questions arise.​

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