Only transparent aware presence IS without an experiencer.

Hi Magdi,
You say “The belief in good and bad is imaginary”.
Is that because all beliefs are imaginary? I understand that
good/bad are conditioned points of view, but aren’t some
expressions of consciousness clearer than others? 
Love, R

Dear R
All beliefs are empty since they refer to an imaginary believer, a separate self. there is no separate self, there is no separation. Only ISNEESS, SUCHNESS IS but this isness is not in opposition to not-isness since there is no duality. Isness, suchness is absolute.
Consciousness has no expression since everything is consciousness, beyond any otherness, beyond expression and non expression. To whom and to what would it express itself?
One could say that it expresses itself to itself, but this cannot be comprehended as an individual.
Believing in a separate self, which is pure imagination, creates, but not really, the impression of separation and duality which leads to incongruent expressions known as my mind and my experience.
As soon as you are an individual, there is incongruence and the shadows are cast. The veils of duality and separation haunt the individual.
And yet, there is no reality to the individual. That is the illusion.

Only transparent aware presence IS without an experiencer.

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