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Hi dear Magdi,
I was in a group meditating with eyes opened, kind of zen style of meditation. It wasn`t a long meditation. These are insights I had during the meditation and a little bit after. Would love to hear your advise.

“Everything is transparent everything, things, people, plants, walls. We are like bottle containers with the shape of a body, it is the same crystal clear transparency that there is in the space, it is within everything

Have the sensation that I have seen these transparency before as if I have been aware of this, but I do not recall I have, but there is like a dejavu feeling.

The transparency is all what it is, there is only that transparency that appears as different shapes and also space.

We are like the trees in the forest, alive, and because we are alive full of transparency, we are only different shapes, that need water, food, air and sun. there are many trees different shapes color sizes the same as we human bodies are, it is the same thing but we humans believe we are separate entities, as if a tree would think he is separated and different from the other trees in the forest, and while the apparent part it is different (physical appearance to the eyes) it is not true we are the same very “thing” just with different shapes. What make us “different” is the thinking process, believing we are separate beings

The human body is like a machine, a perfect machine that runs itself perfectly on its own. It doesn´t need “us” to exist, the transparency is what gives shape movement and the perfect machinery functioning, just as it happens with the trees, they have their own way of functioning but the tree doesn´t need to do anything for it to happen it just happens.

When I see someone confused it is just seen another manifestation of the very same transparency, it has nothing to do with “me” having more clarity or less, it is just a different moving of the transparency.

Transparency can be perceived also in people, in some it seems to be out there easy to see, in others, it is there for sure, but it is a bit more covered, so not so clear out there to see

There are these eyes that can see without the eyes, and can see behind. We looked during the meditation as a drawing, like watching a drawing someone did. I could not avoid seeing the light around all shapes including people

Light has nothing to do with the day light or artificial light. There is only one ocean of transparency, we are not.

Lights from traffic were intense coming back home”

Thanks for reading, have you experienced this transparency? am I into the mind? (or getting a bit crazy!! )?

much love


Dear Friend:
Transparency, fluidity, openness, freedom, borderlessness, infinity… are terms that speak of qualities of consciousness/awareness/truth/reality. The experience of transparency is the experience of the source that has divested itself from the belief in an external world and body and that has released the belief in an internal mind.
The nature of all seeming things is the transparency of consciousness as consciousness is the only reality. Given there is no other reality, there are no borders and thus, the transparency. It is like the transparency and infinity of space.
Once that experience of transparency is established as your permanent experience, everything is revealed.
The body becomes peaceful, the world becomes imbued in beauty, the mind in wisdom and intelligence and the heart overflows in love.
Nothing makes us really different. Differences are like the differences between our ten fingers. No real differences.
Consciousness is borderless, edgeless and beyond the grasp of the mind.
What runs the body is consciousness. Consciousness expresses itself as everything. The entire cosmos, the entire galactic system, is but the dream of consciousness.
Consciousness is untouched and unmoved by what it dreams.

You are well on the path. What remains is the unwavering establishment in/as the Self eternal. Follow the guidance of your teacher. One who is established in Nirvana as the Self eternal beyond all returns.


Dear Magdi

Thank you Magdi, beautiful words, and way of expressing them…
It seems lately I have no guidance, but the inner call. This is why I appreciate so much your responses, since they give me a little light to see. As I understand there is nothing “I have to do” because who would do it?, but as you say “what remains is the unwavering establishment in/as the self eternal ” and there is a wondering of “how to” or the idea that I just should rest without much thinking about this and let it be? my guess is that there is something between these two. So yes I need guidance!!! not sure how to approach this, and yet also there is this knowing that everything is fine, whatever needs to happen will happen…. or not. Very confusing for the mind!

much love and gratitude


Dear Friend,
The doing that remains is a non-doing, that requires your recognition of the false and your abiding by your realization.
As the snake appears, do not forget that it is a rope.
Nothing else is needed.
With Love,

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