A reply to a friend: About mind control

Hi dear Magdi,

Thanks for having Satsang. loved the analogy of the shepherd. This is the thing: when I was younger I used to “program” the mind, I learned this Silva Mind Control technique and I was good at it, things I programmed, usually materialized. So much that at some point I became a bit scared and stopped doing that.

now I see there is that possibility and it happens almost unconscious, example I went to the city and I sort of had this weird feeling that something was going to happen with the car, I tried to make the idea to go away this visualización of the car protected and left. on the way back after many hours, a big truck didn´t see my car and turned around and slightly scratch only a bit one side of the car, it was not too much, nevertheless it could had been something really strong since the track was amazingly big, luckily it wasn’t that bad.

I think mind has some influence, and it seems since we are not our brain, that something that influences comes from consciousness since it is the source, my guess is that we attract what we need to experience in order to fulfill our learning or our path, not sure.

feeling the gap, the source brings this happiness joy almost extasis, and it seems that those beautiful feelings can have influence on the mind and therefore the mind can “attract” “good stuff”, more or less this is what I was wondering

if coming from that joy, could a “programing” of the mind could happen? not sure if that is the question.

Thanks in advance for your help!!!


Hello S,

It is the grace of consciousness that illumines the mind. blesses it and sweetness the dream. It is not the other way around.
The mind’s programming is effortless when you give the reins to consciousness since consciousness drives all minds effortlessly.
Let consciousness do the driving and be blessed.

Remain in your surrender to the Self and let the Self enlighten the mind as it pleases.



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