A reply to a friend: About a sensation of discomfort

Hi dear Magdi,

I will not be able to join Satsang today since it is at 6 your time it will be 5 my time and at 5:30 I start preparing for a class at 6. Sorry to miss that.

I would like to ask your input please. These days there is a mix between relaxation and confidence and seeing the magic unfolding, and then in the same day, something different happens that the mind classifies as “not nice” and for a little moment there is a sensation of discomfort (identification right?). so both happen at the same time and while I write I see those belong to the changing realm they come and they go, even though magic is magic!

Since I wrote to you last time I have this question mark inside, I know something has changed in the way I perceive everything, more and more I hear myself speaking from a place of intuitive response that works beautifully for some work I do with chronic pain patients, and also for yoga classes,then I try to reproduce it, and it doesn´t work, it happens when less expected, and when it wants to happen.

I guess “I” would like for IT to happen always, this magic, this intuitive responses. I mean it happens more than ever before, (it used to be ramdom events) now it happens at least once every day or more, but….. can that become absolutely part of the entire day, of the entire life, why do I have this sense of somenthing not being completed, finished?

Please let me know what do see here, thanks a lot for your help.



Dear S.
You say ‘there is a mix between relaxation …and something different that the mind classifies as not nice…’
You say that ‘both happen at the same time … and that they belong to the changing realm…’

True relaxation is not of the mind and does not belong to the realm of experiences. True relaxation is a quality of the divine, a quality of consciousness that has no task to accomplish, no problems to solve, nothing to become.
The mind is not present in true relaxation. Thought (the mind) appears and, although it was absent during relaxation (after all true relaxation is not in time), it claims that it was present and turns the relaxation into a personal experience, into a state.
In fact, true relaxation is a non-state, not in time, not of the mind. The mind does not produce true relaxation.

Thus it cannot be said that it is in the changing realm. Thought is the changing realm; the realm we refer to as mind, comprised of mentations: perceptions, sensations, mental images.

As per speaking from intuitive response, again, such speech does not come from the mind. The source of intuition is beyond the mind and utilizes the mind to express itself. Intuitive speech is consciousness that is expressing itself, ‘directly’, bypassing the mind and yet using the mind (language and thought) as a tool to serve it in expressing itself.
Once again, in intuition, the mind is absent and claims that it is the doer.
Thus the mind says: I am the one who expressed myself with intuition and I can (or cannot) do it again.
The mind attempts to steal the show that does not belong to it. The claim that you try to reproduce it is a claim that assumes that you are the mind.
You are not the mind.

As you recognize your true nature as the universal eternal Self, the habitual tendency to revert to the mind will diminish and like a flame that is running out of fuel, the separate self tendency naturally extinguishes, revealing the eternal and causeless peace and happiness, that does not come and go.

Until then, the sense of something not being completely finished will continue to arise. This sense is honest and keeps you in the contemplation leading you home.

This revelation is not a time event, not something the mind does.



Dear Magdi,

Thanks a lot for your response, I had to read it several times, it is deep. That peace you are talking about the one doesn´t go or come that is always there, is there, and anything that happens even these moments of doubt or wanting to get somewhere, have as a background that peace, but the mind wants to ignore it and sometimes, less now than before, I get untangled into that “drama” the one in which “I” want to wake up. Life is becoming a “tripy” event, I see, sense what is real and also experience identification in a more subtle way.

Sometimes I feel like a child in awe, with curiosity, as if I really do not know what this world is really about, as if I was experiencing it and seeing it by the first time. Like peaking into a half open window. This me, this body, this desire to get to achieve to accomplish is motivated by this idea of resting at last, to stop the running the doing the search. And yet deep inside, the search has stopped already, there is a permanent peace, rest, there is magic unfolding.

Intellect is not useful for these things, do not even know how to express. this “reverting to the mind” that is what maybe needs to be observed? somehow I have a sense that nothing needs to be “done”, just be, embracing it all.

much love and gratitude


Dear S.
Yes. Just being… effortlessly everything is already embraced without a doer.
Consciousness is all embracing by its very nature as it is the only reality.
This seemingly appearing world is like the appearances of your night dreams. Out of your freedom, the world body mind appear.
You do not.
Consciousness is untouched, unscathed by whatever it creates via the mind.
Consciousness is eternal. Ever awake. Not a form that arises and dissolves.
It is causeless peace and happiness.

Yes, whenever the limited seeking mind arises, observe it from the reality of consciousness. And notice nothing is really arising.
THAT that you are does not arise nor disappears.


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