Letter from a friend: A testimonial

Hi dear Magdi,

Here some thoughts that came out,
There is a smell in the surroundings, a delicious smell. The sorrows of the past are gone, the worries about what will come are far behind. Peace abides. Music is dancing inside, yet nothing has changed. My grandson reminds me the beauty and purity we all have, and more and more I can see it in your eyes, in the eyes of a friend, the eyes of a client, of the person passing by; my own eyes have different lenses as if they could explore the universe within.

And yes there is this hidden question: what does it really mean to be awaken? It seems it just means to be alive! And I am alive, nothing that I have done, it is the gift of life that it has been granted to all of us. You say the ego dissolves as does a piece of sugar within a cup of tea, slowly… then if the sugar has totally melted in the tea, you would know, right? I don´t seem to know anything these days. And I wonder to myself what the question that is floating around really is?

While I was at my son´s home I started watching a documentary COSMOS, a magnificent scientific explanation of how we are really one “thing” ; it also shows how small, extremely small we are in the immensity of the universe. Looked in awe…., a mysterious world!! we are nothing!! And yet we are. All the satsangs melted in scientific extremely interesting data. From there the world becomes magic, and life seems pure magical star dust.

Today at discovery channel a scientist was explaining that even the colors we see are not real, is not at all the color we think or believe it is. A leaf for example, seems to be green, but it is not, it contains all the colors but green, and it is because this is the only color the leaf cannot absorb, green bounces back and this is what we see…. Amusing!! Life seems lately like a trippy journey, the more I hear and see, my jaw drops, the eyes are wide open, the more I realize, we do know nothing at all, our limited minds and eyes cannot really even try to understand…

It was nice for a while to be a seeker, to ask complicated (or sometimes dumb) questions, to have a mission, to do a ritual, a meditation, or a ceremony, to work things out… it seems that time is also gone, how come? When did it happen? Life keeps moving, evolving. Working (better to say sharing) with people is a current gift that makes me grow; the tears of a friend make me grow! It seems that life itself confabulates for all of us to evolve, to change, to realize who we are.

And yet…. here I am, writing to you despite of all of what it has been said, could you please help me clarify why?

Thank you Magdi for taking the time to read this, and for responding, and for Satsang, so nice to have someone to talk about these things.

Much love and gratitude


Dear S.

Sometimes we love to share the love with a friend. There is a recognition of sort.

Isn’t it amazing about perception? The mind perceives green while in fact we are perceiving everything else but green, so to speak.
What further proof do we need that the world/body/mind is a mind projection? And yet, the journey of liberation goes beyond mere understanding. The liberation of the vasanas (remnant feelings of separation) at the body level is a crucial phase of the journey.

With Love,

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