You say Yes to separation

The seeming continuity of the impression of the separate self and the external world require your approval and acquiescence.
It is by saying Yes to: ‘I am a mortal body mind’, that the external world, body mind and the internal separate self are maintained.
This sense of separation is unhappiness.
Subsequently, it is by saying: ‘No, I am not the impermanent. The world body mind appear to ME, the aware presence, the witnessing presence that does not come and go’, that the illusion is momentarily suspended, making room for a deeper exploration.
This deeper exploration will, in time, reveal the joy-full non dual, borderless, eternal and infinite nature of the Self.
Settling as the Self eternal is realized via your love and the blissful revelation of grace.
Unwavering, causeless peace and happiness release all imaginary bonds.
Nonconformist by Sasa Gyoker

Magdi: The innate freedom of the Self reveals the illusory nature of the person.
Love for truth is a gift from Grace that we are offered.
Out of our innate freedom we re-cognize or delay the re-cognition.

GF: Nothing so painful unhappy and tiresome that being separate, it also requieres a lot of energy to keep the belief and sense of me.

Magdi: Absolutely GF.

WO:  Magdi, how can the self affirmation: ‘I am not the impermanent’, give way to a deeper exploration? Is the mind transcended by its own suggestions?

Magdi: Yes. Once the mind gets on board, it can help in the exploration. It becomes a tool like the scalpel in the hands of a skilled surgeon.
It can get on board via a glimpse in the Self or via a deep desire for truth.

WO:  So, the mind is like a blind horse. But who rides it and gives it direction?

Magdi: The true YOU. Call it consciousness, awareness, Atman, Self, God, Truth, Reality….

WO: That could mean: Self is always already realized, but has a love to permeate the mindset.

Magdi: In the zen tradition, there is reference to the te nix herding pictures.
Yes WO,  the Self is eternal and the one and only reality. Realization is for the mind and not for the Self eternal.

PB: Life is truly amazing!

Magdi: Awakening is from the person and not of the person.
The personal impression is a dream impression. Your freedom is the freedom of the Self.  There is no other freedom.

WO:  The dreamer has to become pregnant from the Self in order to dissolve into its true essence.

Magdi: There is no bondage and yet without the deep understanding of the Self, the bondage impression persists in your dream.

PB:  Yes, today the inquiry came up to look deeply into what is looking…..seeing that the body/thoughts do not see, only this knowingness or awareness sees/cognizes, it was clearer in that moment of knowing that ‘I’ was not this body/mind a sense of joy arose.

Magdi: The dreamer is already pregnant from the Self but its interest in dream events delays this revelation.

WO:  Dreaming sucks!!!

Magdi: Yes PB
Awareness is impersonal, borderless, infinite and eternal.
There is no reality to the personal impression.

Magdi: There is sweet dream.
It is ignorance that sucks. The identification with as form.

WO: Ignorance is a word we don’t hear much nowadays. How do you refer to it?

Magdi: Ignorance…
Ignoring the truth.
Ignoring true nature.
Ignoring the Self and loving the mortal body mind impression.

PB:  Looking at a thought, it’s clear a thought can’t see or know anything, looking into the body, an arm can’t know, a thigh can’t know, nothing in the body can know anything..yet the body, the thoughts, the sensations are known…what knows? what is knowing is what knows, it can’t be seen, felt, touched, yet it is and it is known! Wow!

Magdi: Reality cannot be known by the mind.
It is self knowing.  It knows IT IS.
YOU know you are. YOU, the true you is knowingness.
Borderless infinite impersonal reality… We refer to as Awareness/consciousness/Atman/God/Truth, etc.

WO: The story of ME is terrorism compared to the beautiful aliveness that shines as our true reality.

Magdi: This revelation calls for your respect and care.

Magdi: Nothing terrorizes the Self. Know yourself and remain in your knowingness. Thus terror ends once and for all. Once you love Truth, truth comes to your help to clean up the residues of ignorance. Acknowledge the Self and not the mind.

Deny nothing. But discriminate between the real and ignorance.

PB: Magdi, there are moments when fear arises, and focus goes to the fear out of habit..and for a little while there is a feeling of being lost in the ‘me’ character. Then focus gets centered in self and peace is restored…is stabilization a process blessed by grace?

Magdi: Yes PB.
These hiccups will diminish in frequency and amplitude as long as you release the fear and do not nourish the me-impression.
Turn your attention to the body. Locate the contraction in the body and, in an uninterested way, in an impersonal way, allow the sensation to expand and dissolve in the infinite space of awareness.
Do this over and over without any personal interest nor focus on any outcome.
Do it out of intelligence and love.

PB: Nice, thank you Magdi, will do this.

Magdi: These are traces of ignorance that remain embedded, so to speak, at the body feeling level. The approach has to include the body. Releasing effortlessly into the infinite grace-full emptiness of presence.

WO: Of course nothing terrorizes the Self. It was just a way of speaking. A comparison that meant to say that the story of Me is the story of inconvenience. Living as the Self is the greatest salvation.


Photo by Sasa Gyoker

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