About Awareness/consciousness

 March 4 2013 Ottawa By Sasa Gyoker
All states appear and disappear out of and in the openness of Awareness.
Awareness refers to the knowingness and not to any particular known.
All mind events, all states are known.
Feelings, thoughts, sensations, experiences are known.
Awareness/consciousness is the ‘ultimate’ non-dual knower.
Awareness cannot be known by the known.
It is self-knowing and is known directly by itself via itself.
That revelation ripens and, in time, will reveal the universality, the impersonality of Awareness/consciousness.

WO: What is the significance of The Absolute in the totality of Reality?
All states and non-states converge into it.

Magdi: I use the term Absolute and Reality interchangeably. One could refer to Reality as a non-state.
All states arise and return from the non-state that does not arise.

WO: The very source of Reality. Ultimate truth. God. Dharmakaya. Ungrund in mysticism.

Magdi: Reality is its own source. If there were a source to reality, then that source is the reality, one reality.

WO: In our pristine state we are That. Isn’t it?

Magdi: Yes.
If I am other than the One Reality, then there would be dual realities: Me and Reality. The dualistic dream of separation does not create any real duality. Duality is a dream impression…

WO:  Yes, it is a dream. Then why is a path needed to reach to where we are already?

Magdi: When you see a buffalo stuck in the mud, do you not throw a rope trying to grab it by the horns and rescue him?
It is out of love… Love expressing itself.

WO: Leela?

Magdi:  Non dual Leela…

WO: Let us rejoice in it!!!

Magdi: Once ignorance dissolves out of the mind and out of the body feeling, the celebration and contemplation is effortless and unending.


Photo by Sasa Gyoker

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