What is the I that is here?

The mind says: I am here, you are here.
But what is this I that is here? And what is here-ness?
Is there anything that is separate that can be said to be here? Isn’t awareness open, borderless, mysterious and wondrous? An infinite field of here-ness, being-ness that belongs to no one, to no specific separate self?
Isn’t awareness awake presence with no specific center?

Temecula Sunset 3
An entire field of presence, undivided… that does not make any personal claim, as it recognizes its limitlessness and boundary-lessness. This recognition of the universality and infinity of consciousness is a direct recognition that does not rely on the mind. It is revealed from itself to itself.
Whenever we live by our assumptions that there is a specific someone, a specific person here, that consciousness is personal and limited, we have entered the illusory dream of separation and limitation. The boundless and causeless joy of living is diminished to a personal struggle. A struggle to fill the gap of lack and emptiness, a struggle to regain our wholeness, that is imagined lost.
The separate me impression is like a bottomless hole that is impossible to fill. No matter how much you give it, it desires more. There is no end to personal desire as long as the dream character remains.
We seek peace and happiness in experiences and states and we collect them, defend them, cater to them, display them.
This unhappy endeavor of protecting that that does not need any protection, keeps us in a crouched, contracted state that is referred to as suffering. We feel separate and thus the misery.
The recognition of the undivided wholeness of Awareness, infinite and eternal, impersonal and universal, requires your interest and passion.
Only thus will the seed of ignorance be permanently dealt with. Only thus will the spin of samsara come to stillness.
It is one electric current that illumines infinite light bulbs. The local impression is subordinate to the non-local, to the universal.
Dance with God! You are invited.

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