You are the Self

You are the Self.
Everything and everyone is the Self.
When you are angry at someone, you are angry at yourself. When you are annoyed at someone, you are annoyed at yourself.
When you are bored, you have separated yourself from yourself. When you are not happy, you have separated yourself from the whole.
Everything is you.
Everyone is you.

Like the many fingers on the hand are one hand, the many body minds are one consciousness, one reality.
You think all thoughts, you dream all dreams.
The essence of the infinite droplets of water in the ocean is water.
The essence of all seeming events in the world body mind is consciousness.
You are this wholeness. You are the wholeness of being. You are the unseen, unborn reality of all apparent phenomena.
Undivided, indivisible aware presence, limitless, unbound. Universal. Needing nothing. Lacking nothing. Seeking nothing. Being everything.
Dive deeper into the home that you are. Dive deeper into the full revelation of the Self.
Holding on to nothing, realize your everythingness, your totality, your universality. It is so.
You cannot divide the indivisible. No matter what impression arises on the screen, recognize the wholeness and indivisibility of the screen. Recognize the reality and wholeness of consciousness.
Irrespective of all impressions, you are unmoved. You never move away from the Self. Everything is the Self.
This revelation is available for you to awaken to.
Celebrate your perfection and wholeness. Celebrate the inherent freedom that you are.
Live the path of truth and the path of truth will live you.

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