Feelings of guilt, regret and doubt

Sometimes life circumstances trigger old feelings of guilt, regret, doubt, etc.
Ancient me-thoughts and feelings are triggered. We feel unhappy.
This is an important discernment. Noticing unhappiness and reading the sign posts that maintain the separate me impression allow you to navigate calmer waters.
Whenever the me impression arises, it arises as an unpleasant bodily sensation. Can it be allowed to arise without argumentation?
Can it be allowed into our total openness, our complete vulnerability?
Maybe we can come to understand that there is really nothing at stake, that there is no real danger. Maybe what can be revealed is that all is well and that there is no need to fix anything.

It is in perceiving problems that the me impression maintains itself as an illusory doer.
Consciousness is not in the repair business. Consciousness is not seeking or avoiding anything.
What you truly are, the reality of consciousness is beyond all phenomenal impressions, untouched by phenomenal events. There is no possible harm to the Self. The Self is complete freedom, peace and happiness.
Over and over, rest as that. The recognition of the eternity and infinity of the Self establishes itSelf. The Self recognizing itSelf establishes itSelf and dissolves the impression of separation.
Notice the vastness, the limitlessness of consciousness. Consciousness is complete openness, untouched by whatever arises on the screen. Eternal availability.
You are the infinity of being and not a body mind event.
Mentation about past and future aim at distracting you from the reality and infinity of the Self and keep you in the separate limited me-illusion. Me-in-time is unhappiness.
You are the love, you are the freedom that you seek.

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