Question everything

Question everything. Question the sky, question the trees, question the breath, question everything.
Question questioning, but continue questioning. Remain in the questioning.
You are everything, you’re the sky, the ocean, the trees, the birds, you are everything.
Everything is yourself, you’re constantly experiencing yourself, everything you know is you. Everything you know is made out of yourself. There is no other.
What else could there be? Even your dreams are made out of you. The sky, the clouds everything is made out of you. That is complete intimacy.
Simply notice there is no separation. There never was any separation. Separation is an unhappy impression like an unhappy dream.
But you don’t need it. Why maintain it?

You can let go of this unhappiness. Simply notice there is nothing beyond you. Nothing beyond consciousness, nothing beyond awareness, beyond the reality that you are. You are that total undivided reality. The one and only reality, second to none.
You say you don’t know how to question, how to contemplate. Could it be that your interest lies somewhere else? Where else? What is it that interests you? Is it fame and gain? Is it some accomplishment in time?
Is it some mental fantasy?
What is it that really interests you?
Find out. Moment by moment … wonder, question ask yourself: what is it that I really love?
Why be interested in what is not permanent, in what comes and goes? You know better don’t you?
Live according to what you love. Be clear about what you love.
If you love the world body mind then that is what you get. You end up with what is transient. With what is impermanent. That is the unhappy impression. The ‘me in time’ impression.
And that is why you are unhappy. It is your interest that is misdirected. Clarify your interest.
Heal your interest, and your mind would follow your heart.
You are the love that you seek. You are the freedom that you love.

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