You are not limited by the forms you perceive

If you experience a limited form, this does not mean that whatever experiences this limited form is itself limited.
What is perceived, albeit it is limited, does not establish that what knows it, is limited.
Only a direct revelation of consciousness, a direct knowingness of consciousness reveals its true nature.
Thus, you can ask yourself, without assuming that you are a limited body mind, without any assumed a priori limitations : ‘Have I ever experienced myself to be limited?’
Where do you go for the answer to such a question?

WO: You go deeper and deeper into yourself , into the I Amness. There you find the boundlessness. Therein lies the proof that you are infinity itself.

Magdi: Where do you go to get deeper and deeper into yourself?

WO: Away from the mind,

Magdi: Where do you go to get away from the mind?

WO: Nowhere. Nowhere to go.

Magdi: I AM the I AM that I AM
Beyond any coming and going.
Nowhere to go for the peace and stillness of the Self IS
The reality of the Self is beyond any comings and goings….

Friend: I go to the unlimited.

Magdi: Where do you go for the unlimited given that you ARE the unlimited?
It is this complete non-going that reveals the perfume of the Self.
Not a resignation. But a vibrant unmoved contemplation of fullness, wholeness.
The Isness of I AM is boundary-less, eternal and infinite

Friend: All-Pervading Light Is all that I Am Is

WO: The still-point.

Magdi: Out of the stillness of the source, all seeming impressions arise and return, until all impressions of arising and returning settle in the stillness of the source.

WO:  A peace beyond understanding.

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