About consciousness and awareness

A note about the terms consciousness and awareness:
It should be noted that while Nisargadatta uses the term consciousness and awareness to make a distinction between mind (he uses the term consciousness)and the absolute (he uses the term awareness), in certain languages (such a French), only one term (La conscience) is used for both meanings.

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Some non-duality teachers, in their usage of the terms, do not make a distinction between these two terms and use them synonymously.
Thus, you will find some or many non duality teachers using the term “Self” to refer to Awareness/Consciousness/Truth/Reality synonymously and the term “ignorance” to refer to the identification of consciousness with a form.
When the terms awareness/consciousness are used synonymously, it can be said that:
…. While in ignorance reality is imagined to belong to the mind, in Truth and wisdom the reality of the mind does not belong to the mind and rather belongs to Awareness/consciousness (the Self)…
The Self being the one and only reality.

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