The seeking mind

When the seeking mind is focused on worldly objects, you receive limited impermanent worldly objects that do not fulfill you.
You can turn the mind towards the divine and surrender it to the infinite not knowingness.
A complete abandon to presence that is not defeatist nor resigned, dissolves the impressions of holding back and quiets the mind.

A Golden Splash Sunset
In holding back you are protecting the imaginary sense of separation and maintaining the unhappiness. Your picking and choosing maintains the impression of personal control and personal isolation.
Only in complete surrender will the infinite reveal its grander and glory.
Let God control the show without your involvement in your personal interference and preference.
If you must prefer, prefer God and not the personal impressions and feelings.
True surrender goes beyond the prescriptions of the mind and is an invitation to complete stillness. No matter what arises on the screen.
It is in inviting the stillness and abiding as stillness, that its echoes are heard and felt and the roller coaster ride comes to an end.


Photo by Sasa Gyoker

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