What is the source of insecurity?

Question: What is the source of insecurity?

Reply: The belief that I am born, the belief that I am mortal. The thorn of mortality is the cause of insecurity.
Believing you are a man, a woman is a mistaken identity. Believing that I am a mortal body mind results in the unhappy impression of separation. The me-sense.
The cure for this virus is the inquiry into this belief and the contemplation of truth. This results in the full revelation of the Self. The I AM that is universal Being-Awareness.

Question: What helps to bring about this revelation?

Reply: The correct contemplation and the correct guidance.
And, of course, the grace of the Self 🙂

Question: And I guess my last question for now is what is correct? What is correct contemplation?

Reply: What is correct increases your causeless happiness and resonates in your heart. The contemplation that is inspired by the source refers you to the source.
The contemplation of the source is not thinking about me and my life. It transcends the me and takes you to the universal.

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