How do you see boundaries?


Question: How do you see boundaries?

Reply: When you believe thought that says you are a body mind and when feelings of limitations and unhappiness arise, you are experiencing boundaries, while in fact, there are none.
Question: Can you say that differently?

Reply: You experience boundaries as thought and as feeling. Thoughts and feelings are illusory. They have no substance of their own. Their substance is what knows them, which is consciousness.
Whenever you believe the thought that says that you are a man or woman, you experience the feeling of being a person, a mortal form.
You feel you are a mortal person and you start to contract and worry about the future since the future is pretty bleak for the mortal body 
That is why the contemplation of truth, the inquiry into the reality of your experience is primordial.
This will lead you to Self recognition that is beyond the downloads of the mind.
Once you recognize yourself to be the borderless being-awareness, formless and infinite, you start doubting the thoughts that say you are a man or woman and the boundaries you experienced as a person start to dissolve.
Question: How does one come to recognize and remember this?

This recognition is via grace. There is no how to it. You cease believing you are a person by examination and inquiry into this belief.
Once you fall in love with truth, you will find yourself interested in the contemplation of ‘What am I truly?’, ‘What is my true nature’
This contemplation and the inquiry into truth cannot be explained. You will find all the ‘help’ you need, available to you and your passion for truth increasing.

Your true nature reveals itself as universal and impersonal.

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