There is no mind

There is no mind.
What we call mind is though.
God is the creator of all . The creator of the wind, the breath, the oceans and galaxies.
Problems are due to the belief that i am a mortal form. A separate Self. A mortal reality.
This belief overlooks the eternal and universal reality of consciousness, of the self.
Thus we experience separation and feel we are a person and therefore we experience personal problems.
As a separate self, we become enslaved to our personal feelings and are unable to rest in/as the wholeness of being.
Invite your feelings to rest in the wholeness of being in which and out of which they arise.
Separation is not real. It is imagined.
All our problems are imaginary and we cannot be free of them until we realize our inherent wholeness.
I am That. All is That.
Magdi Badawy

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