There is but one ocean

There is but one ocean
One infinite sky
One vast presence
One infinite reality

Whichever way you turn
It turns
Whichever way you go
It goes
Whichever way you trend
It trends

And yet it is beyond going
Beyond turning
Beyond returning
beyond trending

So are you
The one and only

​So are you​

Beyond comings and goings
Beyond appearing and disappearing
Beyond being and non being

​So are you
Beyond birth and death
Beyond arising and becoming
So are you​

As the sun shines
You shine
As the rain falls
You fall
As the wind blows
You blow

And yet not a movement is recorded
Not a tremble is manifested
Not a wind is stirred

What are you that you imagine yourself to be?​

What are you that you dream?
Having forgotten your infinite wisdom
Having overlooked your eternal beingness
You are like an errand on a dream plateau
Of your own making

What is your destination?
What is your purpose in this visit?
Have you come over only to forget?
Have you appeared only to reappear?
Have you remembered only to ​disremember​?

I have heard your call
I have devoted myself to you
But it is not my doing.

​It is your doing through me
I recognize your grace​

You have landed on my shoulder
You have blessed me with your grace
I know to whom the favor is due
I recognize your touch and blessing
I have no pride of my own
I recognize you
It is all your doing
You are my guiding light.

Now you speak through me
I know that I don’t know what I speak
I listen to you speaking
You tell me that it is I that speaks
But I know this I is yourself
I recognize your voice and presence
I recognize you
And I wonder what I did to deserve you
Then I realize it is all your doing
It is all your blessing

In everything and everyone
You are
I have died into you
And I die again and again
Unending dying

How I love thee!

May this song that you sing through me
Reveal your grace and your love
I am but a faint candle
That dares to borrow your light.

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