Happiness is not delivered by any object. We experience happiness when the object we desire dissolves in our Beingness revealing our innate causeless freedom.

Situations come and go. They are ever changing.

Happy relationships arise out of our innate happiness and wholeness. They are a celebration, an expression of our innate causeless wholeness. When you are feeling happiness, you are free, innocent. Childlike, you smile at everything and everyone.
Thus the nectar of love attracts the bees.

When you are expecting happiness from any experience or condition, you are overlooking your innate happiness. You are projecting happiness onto an external object and you are bound to get disappointed. Postponement of happiness is an endeavor of the mind, of thought.

On the other hand, when you relate from happiness, from love, the conditional realm is not operating, you are not using relationship for any personal purpose. You are living from the recognition of your innate happiness and all expressions reveal your realization of love.
You are relating from a sense of openness and you acknowledge the freedom of the other to be no different from yours.
In the recognition of the Self, the divine qualities are available to you. Listening, patience, understanding, affection, gentleness, consideration, wisdom… You see the other as yourself.
Out of this love, sometimes, you may even say no to what is calling you to revert to separation. That also is an expression of love.

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