The nature of awareness in deep sleep

Question: Please can you help me with this understanding of the nature of Awareness in Deep Sleep? I am not aware that I am aware in Deep Sleep, and to say that I have no memory is to admit that I am looking to thought to confirm this Awareness in Deep Sleep, so i am taking my understanding from the Awake mind, YET, unlike in the Awake state when Awareness can be known by going behind the I AM, in Deep Sleep this cannot happen, so how can I know that I am Aware in Deep Sleep – which has been likened to what happens to us at Death – that we simply go into a Deep Sleep and this is Eternal, so we never die. Thank you.

Magdi Badawy
The body drops every night yet you remain. You cannot experience the full awakening in this lifetime until you do. It cannot be experienced otherwise via any explanation. Until you die into the Self, you can only rely on metaphors and trust your teacher and the teachings. Deep sleep is a metaphor. It is not the real thing. It is a state. Turiya is not a state. Cannot be explained. In deep sleep the world body mind are not. Yet I am. I know that I am in deep sleep since upon the waking state, I say: I slept well and deep. This statement refers to the I that knows deep sleep, that is present to the absence of world body mind in the deep sleep state. Continue to contemplate the reality of I and the universality of I and it will be revealed to you and your mind will dissolve and rest in this revelation.

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