What is it?
What am I?
What is happening?
I want to know.
What for?
To know what? What is there to know?
What is it to know?

Wanting a story
Wanting a narrative
That I can flip and flip
As it flips me
I want thought and more thought
So I can remain on the roller coaster
Of the winds of thought

What is it?
What do I know?
Do I need to know?
Can I be not knowing
Recognize not knowing
Be open to not knowing

All is well
In not knowing

To feel it
Not knowing it
To be it
Not knowing it
To live it
Not knowing it
It living me
Without any knowing
No need to know
No need to escape
Via thinking and via narratives

I drop all narratives
I drop the names, the labels
I dive into you
I dive into fear
As my entire nakedness
My entire beingness

Simply be
Is it possible?
Simply be
It is happening
Happening… which is a non happening
I don’t need to know
I invite everything
To dissolve into Being

It is going on
Is it really? Is it a narrative?
Can I not know?
Be fear without knowing it

When I am still
When I am silent
When I say yes
The entire space says yes
So I say yes
As the space
Of yesness

Saying yes
Not knowing what I say yes to
It is possible

The mirage seems so real
From a distance
So, I get close
Closer and closer to fear
The mirage starts to shift
It reveals mist
Shifting forms

They decompose
They destructure
become transparent
I am That
I become transparent

As fear is revealed
In my deep intimate embrace
To be
The love that I am
The love that all is

One Love
We are one
Never alone

Eternally all-one
In everything
As everything

I am

Step into fear
With me

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