Turiya and deep sleep

All states arise onto the stateless. All images arise on the screen. The screen remains as it is and is not defined by its images.
In deep sleep we are knowingly the Self. The recognition of the Self is missing as long as the personal impression still interests you.

The thought I am sitting on the chair appears to you but does not know you.

  • Question: Do we recognize the screen of consciousness when we are in deep sleep?
    Reply: Deep sleep is a good metaphor, a caricature of sort of Turiya. In Turiya you are knowingly the Self. In deep sleep you are the Self but the knowingness is not established. You are not established in the complete absence.
    In fact, Turiya is the knowingness of the Self irrespective of the states of the body mind and is not limited to the deep sleep state.
    Once established in Turiya, all states return to the source and you no longer sleep nor do you awake. Sleep and waking become characteristics of the body and not yours.

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