Our true nature is love

Our true nature is love, inherent love, innocence, wonder… Oneness.
The stream of sorrow and ignorance is an unhappy add on. The personal identification is an unhappy add-on.
What is added-on via the me-identification is the unhappy sense of isolation that inhabits our chest, our belly, our throat, our face… That suffocates us.
We all know this unhappiness. We do our best to bypass it, to ignore it, to cover it up with various addictions.

But we also know that it is of no avail. There is no salvation in addiction and avoidance.
Out of ignorance of truth, we habitually contribute to the stream of sorrow and separation. We ignore our God given gift of contemplation and repeat the stale me-vs-you-stories.
In wisdom, we courageously desist from such habitual tendencies and contemplate the source, the love that I AM.
Contemplation is revelation

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