Images do not define you

As long as you are cultivating images of yourself and others, you remain an unhappy limited separate self impression.
No matter how hard you work on improving your bundle of images, you remain incomplete and the True Meaning and True Purpose escape you.
Awakening to the Self is your inevitable destiny that you delay by postponing the contemplation of the Self.

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Joe Haase This is a very strong statement.
1) how can I come to believe it in my heart?
2) once I come to believe it in my heart, how should I proceed?
Thank you!
Magdi Badawy 

First you need to contemplate that you are not a bundle of images. This clarity can only come to you via your own understanding that What you truly are is not an image that appears, not a thought, not a body mind sensation.

Once that is clear, the images that appear trying to define you are allowed to be but are no longer believed to be the true expression of what you truly are.

What follows is the deep inquiry into: Since I am not a bundle of thoughts and images, ‘What am I truly?’

After all, I AM and I know I AM
There is no doubt that something IS… Which we call ‘I’

This deep contemplation will reveal to you (experientially and beyond doubt) that I AM is infinite transparent Being Awareness.

Seek the company of the teacher that points you directly to the Self.

As long as you believe the thoughts that appear to you, you are looking outwardly and you fail to realize the True Self.
The inquiry has to lead you to the Source and not downstream.

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