A Meditation

Costa Rica June 2018 Retreat

Simply be

Notice the Stillness, the Peace, the borderless Presence

Lovely and Free
Nothing to do
Nothing that I need to do or not do
Resting as being
You are that Peace.

You can notice a rooster crowing
Plants growing, sun shining, birds hopping from branch to branch…


The farmer is on his way to harvest the fields

It’s all happening effortlessly

Without a me and a you

It is all happening effortlessly
Without a story

In this open space
This aware presence…

Absolute self

Notice the borderless Vastness
The Stillness

In this open space, whatever arises… arises in complete freedom
The freedom of space
The freedom of consciousness… and dissolves back into the open space of consciousness

No trace

It is happening intimately within consciousness
The open space of being

Complete intimacy
The absolute intimacy of I AM Universal Reality.

Nothing happening

Consciousness is the ultimate Conceiver, Creator, Perceiver and Dissolver

Out of itself… out of its inherent freedom…
It Conceives, Creates, Perceives and Dissolves all minds, all mind impressions

As Conception, Creation, Perception and Dissolution are happening
For consciousness… nothing is happening

Consciousness remains as it is, untouched, unperturbed
The I AM is not subject to its conceptions and perceptions 
For consciousness… there is no me, no you, nothing external or internal realms
No subject
No object

Consciousness dreams all dreams without being touched by any of its dreams
There are infinite body mind impressions… conceived by the one conceiver
Perceived by the one perceiver, annihilated by the one annihilator

Consciousness remains whole, complete, undivided
The One and only Reality


Turn your attention to whatever issue that seems to be preoccupying you right now
Whatever has been spinning for you
Whatever has been arising recently and repetitively for you as some sort of problem or issue

Invite that to arise right now
Complete invitation

Look at how it feels, how it appears, how it looks, how it seems to present itself
The space is here completely available without any borders
Saying Yes

Yes, I am available

So I invite you to see how it feels
How it seems
Invited the entire structure, the entire impression
Into the space of awareness
Available space
Right now in this very moment

Allow it to Be, to completely Be
Without interfering
Whatever it is, whichever way it appears

If it is some thought about your future
A concern about your health
About your relationship
About your job
About your neighbors… whatever it is
Allow it to be

See how it feels
How it appears
Invited it all without knowing it

Keep the invitation completely open for it to come completely into the space
Completely free to be as it is

Don’t try to fix it
Don’t do anything
Simply maintain the invitation

Don’t hold anything back
Sink deeper and deeper into it
Without effort
Without knowing
Without the past

In this invitation we surrender
We surrender the entire appearance
Body mind
We surrender…

We surrender the entire structure to the space
Allowing the space to do whatever it wants
In fact, it does nothing

It is full-on Yes!
Awareness is complete presence
Does not interfere
Is not seeking or avoiding
Has no mission

It knows itSelf as the One and Only
You are invited

Simply Be
Simply Be… without intention

No goal, no purpose
Complete surrender

Then simply rest as That
Rest as That
Allow the breath to expand
The body mind to rest in this freedom
In this Vastness
No effort

We invite the light of being to be in charge
We say yes to the higher power that takes care of the entire cosmic realm

Notice the breath is universal breath
The blood flow is the flow of rivers and streams
The body a cosmic body
Thoughts are cosmic thoughts
The thoughts of the cosmos
Cosmic thinking

Our being is universal being
We surrendered the entire personal impressions to the open space of awareness

Can we trust the sound of the birds?
The beating of the heart?
The vastness of the breath?
The shining rays of the sun?

Can we trust universal Beingness?
Can we surrender our personal mind to universal consciousness
That takes care of the galaxies, of gravity? It dreams all dreams according to the universal order that dreams it

The cosmic order that dreams all dreams out of its freedom and creativity

We take Little steps… step by step
Stepping forward in this recognition
Resting as being

Trust this recognition
Loving all of it without any need to think about it
Without needing to store it

Trust it, allow it
You are IT

Do you need to think in order to love?
Just love
You are that love
You are this aware space, this transparency



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