Inquiry into Truth and not into mind impressions

We are inquiring into Truth
Not into mind impressions
Mind impressions are like clouds
Dream impressions
One after another

First we search outwardly
As the mind points towards the senses
Towards what is perceived
Towards thoughts and feelings
Towards the world body mind

But what is perceived
Does not reveal the Perceiver
What is perceived only refers to the mind

Only ‘I’ can reveal ‘I’
This is the revelation of Being
Not the revelation of becoming

It is the stepless step
The gateless gate

The revelation is that the True seeker
Is not a seeker
There is no seeker
All along
It was a dream seeker
Imagining itself to be a body mind
Defining itself via thoughts and feelings

Seeking itSelf via the mind
Which is impossible
Since you cannot find yourself
By traveling to the moon

Only the Self is real
And THAT is neither a seeker
Nor any thing phenomenal
It is ever Presence
Eternal Being Awareness

Not a step needs to be taken
Yet, awakening to the Self is essential

The Self is Reality


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