Ignorance and awakening

Friend: Morning Magdi,
See if I’m on the mark. There is no one who is ignorant, there is only ignorance. Similarly, there is no one who awakens, there is only awakening. Even that seems not quite so true in that awkening is already awake!

Reply: ​Ignorance refers to the belief in an external/internal reality​. From ignorance, good and bad arise. The opposites arise. The illusion of a personal doer, a personal subject arises.
​Indeed, there is no one. When that is deeply understood, there is no such thing as ignorance.​
​In the absence of ignorance, the Self is revealed as that absence/presence, as one/none, as everything/nothing, as the deep silence and stillness of being/awareness.​

Friend: The word ‘oneself’ is interesting, isn’t it? By itself it seems to refer to a separate individual. But from the perspective of ‘One Self’…….​
One insight that came to me was the conditioning of feeling uniquely special. It was very strong as a child. It became clear as I got older that that was not remotely true. I retreated from everything in a playground manner of “taking my
ball and going home”. Now that feeling feels poisonous and not needed. At least I see it more clearly as it wants to arise.

​Reply: The feeling of being uniquely special comes hand in hand with its opposite, which is the feeling of being insignificant, unnoteworthy.
Both of which are mind illusion as they refer to the illusory person.​ ​Indeed, it is not needed.
The Self is complete onto itSelf.

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